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Lutgun International LLC has been working with Oyu Tolgoi since 2012. During this period, we have been supplying the equipment and inventories needed for the project in a quick, continuous and secure way.

Furthermore, in 2017 our company was awarded a long-term contract with Jacobs Engineering Co.

Ltd to supply low, mid, high voltage power, control and instrumentation cables to the Oyu Tolgoi underground development project. In this project, we are cooperating with the world’s renowned cable manufacturing corporations such as Prysmian Group, ZTT Cable and Hanhe Cable to supply variety of cables and wires that could meet the technical specifications of the Oyu Tolgoi mine site’s extreme weather condition and in phases according to the project's construction schedule.As of the first quarter of 2018, we have successfully supplied more than 600,000 metric various cables, and according to the project plan the supplying will continue until 2021.

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