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Since 2017, Lugun International and ZTT Group have been working together on projects in Mongolia to supply high-quality electric cables, specially made for Mongolian harsh weather conditions, and to introduce new energy technologies, it’s PV power technology.

The project aims to provide consultation on renewable energy, its advantages and uses, and the benefits to the economy and the environment. Furthermore, a comprehensive solution of the renewable energy industry, products, operations and maintenance developed by ZTT Group will be introduced to Mongolia. The implementation of the project has already begun.

Photovoltaic Technology

ZTT Solar is a PV system integration service provider. ZTT can provide consultation, design, system integration, EPC, O&M service etc for different PV system like large and media level grid tied PV plant, small on/off grid PV power system, BIPV etc. Also, we can provide design, manufacture ring and supply the high quality facilities of PV power plant.


ZTT photovoltaic technology has the following types:

-Solution of Distributed Photovoltaic Power System

-Solution of Household Photovoltaic Power Plant

-Solution of Commercial Photovoltaic Power Plant

-Solution of Industrial Photovoltaic Power Plant

-Solution of Micro-grid System

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