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Fine-tooth design

The Zyklop VDE ratchet allows a short return angle of only 4.5 ° thanks to its 80 teeth.


Suitable for Wera 2go

The textile box of the ratchet set 8100 SB VDE 1 is suitable for attachment to wall, shelf, workshop trolley and the Wera 2go system due to its back located hook and loop fastener strip.


  • Insulated and 100% individually tested Zyklop VDE ratchets, sockets and extensions for safe working up to 1,000 volts
  • Fine-toothed ratchet with 80 teeth for a short return angle of 4.5°
  • Extremely slim design with a soft, ergonomic grip zone for easy work even in very confined spaces
  • Robust and extremely compact textile box with socket holders, which ensure a secure hold and easy socket removal by means of a rotating mechanism
  • Tools and textile box protect sensitive surfaces, the box is Wera 2go compatible


Zyklop VDE ratchet and accessories


Individually tested

The individual testing of the Zyklop VDE tools at 10,000 volts, in accordance with IEC 60900, guarantees safe working under voltages up to 1,000 volts.


Increased security

The Zyklop VDE sockets and extensions offer increased safety thanks to their 2-component isolation with yellow insulation core under red insulation outer layer.


Switch lever

Switch lever for convenient change of direction.


Ball lock

he ball lock ensures sockets and accessories are securely fitted, providing increased safety during operation. A short press on the release button allows the tool to be changed quickly.

Article description

Incredibly compact set arrangement for a lot of tools in a small space. Individually tested ratchet, sockets and extensions as per IEC 60900 at 10,000V for safe working at the approved voltage of 1,000V. Textile box with very high robustness and durability can be positioned upright for clear storage in the workshop shelf. Additional surface protection through textile outer material. Low weight and volume for easier mobility. Smooth turning mechanism for secure hold and easy removal of VDE sockets.


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