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As a respected and established manufacturer & supplier of horizontal slurry pumps to UK's basic industry sector, in 1978 Goodwin was approached by British Coal to develop and manufacture an electrically driven submersible slurry pump which was robust and reliable enough to withstand the rigours of their environment.

Their synopsis was to:
• Make available an alternative to vertical pumps giving installation flexibility
• Extend the application base for the use of submersibles into dense media
• Address the poor reliability being experienced on their existing submersibles

Goodwin's design program was:
• Develop a motor enclosure which would eradicate the potential for the electric motor overheating & burning out.
• Develop an electric motor with reserves of power for direct on line starting to overcome the issue of settled solids in sumps
• Develop a design of an integral agitator to break down and re-suspend settled solids
• Develop and position a mechanical seal which was not subjected to pumped media pressure
• Develop a cable gland entry system which prevented the cable being pulled out of the gland and had a terminal enclosure quite separate from the motor enclosure

Goodwin's first submersible pump units were installed for British Coal in 1981 at Cwm Washery in South Wales. Goodwin expanded the installations into British Steel and CEGB from 1983 onwards and went on to have thousands of slurry applications in the UK.
Following the privatisation of British Coal in 1994 and subsequent closures of deep mines and Steel Works in the UK, Goodwin decided to develop European Markets in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic for coal, steel and power sectors. A full design review and refinement of the pump range was carried out to maximise component interchangeability across the range and take advantage of newer casting method developments.
In 1996 Goodwin established a presence on the African continent successfully installing submersible slurry pumps in applications for the gold, copper and platinum group metals mining industries

In 2005 Goodwin PLC, knowing that there was a global market for these state of the art submersible slurry pumps, decided to make the investment and expand this product globally. Goodwin India was incorporated in 2005 to start manufacturing & selling the Goodwin submersible slurry pump that has been being sold in the UK since 1981.

Following the success of selling the Goodwin submersible slurry pumps in India, Goodwin PLC set up sales, manufacturing and servicing outlets for the pump in China and Brazil in 2008, Australia in 2014 and South Africa in 2016, expanding the pump operation to make it a truly global product.

We now supply pumps and have a permanent presence in Europe, China, India, South America, Africa and Australia allowing us to give the full level of technical assistance and support that go with this product to our customers.
Trained and experienced technicians are available to advise on the most beneficial application and maintenance of Goodwin pumps. Computerised Measuring Machine (CMM) checking dimensions on a machined stator housing prior to being released for internal pressure testing and then pump assembly.
Twin Pallet CNC machining of pump stator housings at a Goodwin facility Each new or refurbished pump is subjected to rigorous hydraulic
performance testing prior to delivery


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