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Lutgun international LLC has been official distributor of Marcus Transformers since 2016.  Marcus provides custom products for special "sensitive" applications, such as extra quiet, lowest temperature rise, low impedance, smallest footprint, etc. We offer blanket releases for just-in-time deliveries. Most of our transformers are "installer-friendly", both to connect and to mount. All transformers are manufactured in our factories in North America. Marcus Transformer models meet the following agency standards (where applicable): UL, CSA, CUL, CE. Our testing laboratories are certified by CSA and are therefore compliant with ISO/IEC – 17025 to evaluate and manufacture products to applicable standards 


If your application requires a special design not available in stock, Marcus will design, manufacture and deliver your custom-made transformer within 7 days of your request. And deliver to customers hand with fastest shipment. 


MS - Single Phase
MT - Three Phase
MK - Three Phase K-Factor
MKS - Single Phase K-Factor
MDI - Three Phase Drive Isolation
MSWP - Single Phase Outdoor
MTWP-SCR - Three Phase Outdoor Enhanced
MTWP - Three Phase Outdoor
RES - Single Phase Epoxy Encapsulated
MTWPCD - Three Phase Outdoor Ventilated
RET - Three Phase Epoxy Encapsulated
MTZ- Marcus Harmonic Mitigating (Harmonic Sweeper)
MTD - Double Harmonic Mitigating
MS-CC Single Phase Open Type Core & Coil
MT-CC - Three Phase Open Type Core & Coil
Marcus Supreme ™ MHE - Marcus Supreme ™ High Efficiency
EUR-EX - Euro Export-Ready Transformers


MC - Single Phase Closed Type
MO - Single Phase Open Style
MOS- Single Phase Fusible Open Type w/ Fuseblock Premounted
MTB - Single Phase Open Style (fuse block use)
TPO - Three Phase Open Type
TPC - Three Phase Closed Type
AC&AS - Single Phase Auto Closed Type
MOL - Open Type With Leads
MC - Buck/Boost Wiring
TPOA - Three Phase Auto Open Type
TPCA - Three Phase Control Autotransformers
MEC - Single Phase Epoxy Encapsulated Control
MET - Compact Solid State Electronic Transformers
EPC - Euro 50/60HZ Control Multiple Tap Open Type
L.E.D Transformers
EPO - Euro 50/60HZ Control Mulitiple Tap Closed Type




MAT - Three Phase Auto Wound
MATS - Single Phase Auto Wound
RET-MAT - Three Phase Auto Wound Epoxy Encapsulate


MLR - Line Reactor Open Type
MLRC - Line Reactor Closed Type


Custom Distribution Transformers


Custom Industrial Control Transformers


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