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Shadrinsk Electrode Plant

LLC "Shadrinsk Electrode Plant" conducts its history since the year 1958. Today the plant is one of the leading Russian manufacturers, supplying market with more than 100 brands of welding electrodes for:

- manual arc welding of carbon low-alloy steel, alloy heat-resistant steel, high-alloy steel with special properties, cast iron, copper and alloys based on it;
- manual electric arc surfacing of surface layers with special properties;
- electric arc cutting.

Some brands of produced electrodes have NAKS and the Russian River Register certificates.


Our mission

Dynamically developing and improving production technologies, we provide the enterprises of general civil construction, oil and gas construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, bridge construction and enterprises of many other industries with high-quality welding materials and welding equipment, providing the highest level of service.

Since the year 2014 to the present, the plant has been modernizing its production facilities.

Since 2015 Shadrinsk Electrode Plant has launched production under the brand "GOODEL", based on international quality management standards.

In 2018 the production of high-quality welding electrodes GOODEL-52U, designed for welding the root seam of pipelines and critical structures of carbon and low-alloy structural steel operating at temperature down to -50°C. Production technology and formulation for electrodes GOODEL-OK 46 and UONI-13/55 were improved.


At the moment the plant produces about 5000 tons of welding electrodes per year, supplying them to the Russian companies and exporting them to the other countries. The stock of production capacity allows to produce up to 10000 tons of electrodes per year without changing the rate of production. The maximum achievable volume of production on the existing equipment is 18000 tons of electrodes per year or 1500 tons per month.

Electrodes of brand "GOODEL" found its application within the territory of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other countries.


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Shadrinsk Electrode Plant

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