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We specialize in wholesale of OTR industrial tires for mining and construction industries, as well as Agriculture tires, Truck tires, Light truck tires, Wheels, Tire tube and flaps.


TITAN SL 100 E-3/L-3                                                                       
33.25-29 38PR Titan SL100
E3/L3 TL
Part No.: 6SLAW4TTB
Size: 33.25-29
Ply Rating / Load Range / Star
Rating: 38PR
Brand: Titan
Model: SL100
TRA Code: E3/L3
Compound: TT/ TL / Solid / TWA: TL
Tread Depth (32nd): 53
Overall Diameter (in): 80.9
Overall Width (in): 34.5
Weight(lbs): 1556. 


33.25-29 YOKOHAMA Y-67 IND-3            
Tyre Manufacturer: YOKOHAMA 
Type: Y67 IND-3
Size: 33.25-29
Inch: 29
Radial / Diagonal: bias
Ply Rating: 38
TRA Code: E4
Inzetbaar Voor: dump trucks
Velg: 27.00/3.5
Diameter: 2079 mm
Width: 848 mm
Weight: 718,96 kg


Size        16.00R25  

Pattern VCHD

Load / Speed Index         200A5 

Diameter (mm) 1500 

Width (mm)       435        

Tread (mm)        54.0


Quick search code           B01600025BRCHD00

Brand    Bridgestone

Pattern VCHD

Load index          200

Speed index       A5

Load / Speed Index         200A5

TL/TT     TL

Star rating           **

TRA        E4

Radial / Diagonal               radial

Recommended rim         11.25 - 25/2.0

Single load capacity (Kg - Km/h) 14000 - 25


Width (mm)       435

Size        16.00R25

Inch       25

Diameter (mm) 1500

Loaded radius (mm) 668

Rolling circumference (mm) 500

Tread (mm) 54.0

Weight (kg) 250.0


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