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EN 1284/B Diameter 10 <13 mm, EN567 UIAA Diameter 8<13mm, CE, IRATA

Compact and lightweight chest ascender which includes new patented rollers for high efficiency climbing.  Rollers Patent Pending as stainless steel, high efficiency climbing, low friction on the rope, no wear-and-tear on ascender and rope, perfect for traverse rope situations.

  • Ergonomic button for descending, large opening so it fits fingers with gloves.
  • Aluminium alloy structure, 3.5mm thickness, total 110gms
  • Side holes for self cleaning
  • Main attachment hole is well twisted to fit well onto the harness
  • Precision casted stainless steel locking cam with self cleaning holes
  • Geometry verified for loading during traverse
  • Easy to use pulling cord, can be removed according to users preference
  • Also available in Red, Code 2256


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